Southern Italy


The South of Italy is a jewel to be discovered and experienced through nature, history and tradition. Nature seems to have destined all its wonders to Southern Italy: mountains, hills and, especially, the sea, with its incredible colours, the transparency of the water and the beauty of its seabed. Rolling hills, vast expanses of flat land, breathtaking views over an enchanting sea: from a naturalistic point of view, Southern Italy does not lack of anything!

The Mediterranean offers unique and intense scenery, smells and flavours that only uncontaminated nature is capable of offering. The exuberance and warmth also spice up the cuisine that expresses the passion and attention to good food and authentic flavours. The typical cuisine of Southern Italy offers an infinite number of options: each area has its own traditional recipe and you will not be able to decide, at the end of the trip, which dish you were most satisfied with.

The archaeological excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii, the history of Matera and the enchanted landscapes of Apulia, the majolica of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, the crystal-clear waters of the heel and toe of the boot, the baroque art of Sicily and its islands as far as the eye can see, the wild and unspoilt nature of Sardinia: these are just some of the beauties you will encounter along the way.

Rural landscapes offer truly unique glimpses: perfect spots to stop for long moments to meditate and investigate the most hidden corners of your soul, in the shade of a hundred-year-old olive tree in Apulia or in a fragrant citrus grove in Campania. Let the beauty that surrounds you inspire your thoughts and look at the world from an unspoilt and privileged place.

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