About us

Stile Italiano Tours handcrafts inspiring journeys throughout Italy to provide an insight into the Italian lifestyle, culture and traditions.

We are a small group of Italian travel designers driven by the passion for our Country and its thousand facets, providing personalized planning and tailored itineraries. We put people at the heart of everything we do, being travellers, providers and anyone we deal with in our daily activities.

We partner with local experts and family-run business focused on delivering authentic experiences.

Our values

We, at Stile Italiano Tours, fiercely believe that anyone can make a difference.

We create trips that have a positive impact on local economies and benefit the small companies while respecting the environment and our cultural heritage.

We are passionate about connecting people of different cultures and backgrounds.


Our commitment to a responsible way of travelling

When we get down to designing a tour, the choices we make embody our commitment to a responsible way of travelling.

We offer visits to artisans’ workshops enabling them to keep their craftsmanship alive and to family-run food&wine producers.

We select boutique style accommodation providing a sense of place and privilege direct booking as long as this benefits both the traveller and the hotel.

We provide a list of local restaurants or include meals with typical dishes to support the local agricultural production.

We offer itineraries by train and when we use private transportation, we rely on local businesses to minimize the impact on the environment, to promote the local economy and to provide direct contacts between the travellers and the locals.

Italy has the largest cultural heritage in the world, we suggest off-the-beaten-track attractions to unveil unknown gems and preserve them.

We are passionate about animals and we require that the animals involved in our activities (horse riding or truffle search with dogs) are treated with love and care.

Discover the Sustainability politicy of Stile Italiano Tours.

Our Team

After living in various European Countries, such as England, Greece and The Netherlands, I decided to return to Italy, which is for me the most beautiful Country in the world. I wish to unveil to you the authentic side of Italy, the most evocative views, artisans and small local communities that are far from the usual circuits of tourism and embody the true spirit of the Belpaese.
Team Stile Italiano Tours
Personal Travel Designers
Stile Italiano Tours team members are travel enthusiasts sharing the common vision of providing a true Italian experience to travellers visiting Italy. Each one has different interests, from music to photography, from wines to walking, from art&culture to cooking; whatever one is passionate about we design itineraries to discover all the facets of Italy, from the most famous ones to the most secret and surprising ones, just as we would do for a friend.

Our contacts

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Stile Italiano Tours

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