Treasures of Naples

4 days / 3 nights in Naples

* Discover Naples, a lively and authentic city

* Let yourself be charmed by the beauty of the city filled with the joy of its citizens

* A rich food tradition is one of the many attractions of Naples

* Forget about the usual clichés and the charm of Naples will win you over

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  • Day 1 - The views of Naples

  • From the promenade bordered by the imposing castles that offer a wonderful view of the Gulf of Naples crowned by Vesuvius, reach Piazza del Plebiscito to admire the Royal Palace, the S. Carlo Theater and the Umberto Gallery. It is worth making a stop in the elegant Caffè Gambrinus, taking a walk through the elegant Chiaia district and having dinner in one of the restaurants on the seafront that offer fish dishes

  • Day 2 - Authentic Naples

  • Begin the visit from the Duomo and the Chapel of S. Gennaro and then continue along Via San Gregorio Armeno, the famous street of the "artisans of the Nativity Scene", and Spaccanapoli, the street of shops with traditional products, typical restaurants, some of the best pizzerias of Naples and above all the life in the street and the balconies of the Neapolitans. Reach the Basilica of Santa Chiara, particularly interesting is the cloister with walls decorated with pastel colors and tiles. You deserve a stop for lunch with the authentic Neapolitan pizza, the "sfogliatella" riccia or frolla and of course the excellent espresso. In the afternoon visit the Underground Naples, the most famous and fascinating route of the city: a guide will accompany you on a journey along 2400 years of history, from the ancient Greeks to the modern era, revealing the hidden part of Naples under the archaeological, historical, anthropological and geological aspect. Dedicate the evening to a Neapolitan music show with its sounds, its language, its typical ways and hospitality.

  • Day 3 - The Royal Palace of Caserta and the Sanitá District

  • The Royal Palace of Caserta will surprise you with its grandeur and impressive beauty. You will be amazed by the architectural lines that draw the imposing façade, a feeling that remains impressed and strengthened upon entering the building, where a succession of works of art, stuccoes, bas-reliefs, frescoes, sculptures and inlaid floors show their splendor. Do not miss a walk in the immense gardens, adorned with sculptures, ponds and waterfalls, before returning to Naples to visit the Sanitá district and the Fontanelle Cemetery, one of the most fascinating and mysterious settings in Naples. 
  • Day 4 - Pompeii

  • There are many reasons to visit Pompeii: exploring the city buried by Vesuvius in 79 AD. you will feel like going back in time to relive history in the Roman era.