Northern Italy


Rich in hidden gems, culinary delights, and a staggering number of unique landmarks, Northern Italy is the place for many wonderful discoveries. From the imposing mountains and serene lakes to some of the most famous cities that anyone wants to see and picturesque little villages, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

With relatively short travel distances and well-organised public transport, travelling in Northern Italy is easy and environmentally friendly. You can forget about a car and jump on and off trains and boats. And what about the many trekking routes of different levels? Easy walkers or experienced trekkers will find the perfect solution to their needs.

Northern Italy is a must-see place if you have a particular interest in history and art. You surely know about major works of art like Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan but the surprising thing about Northern Italy is that you will find many more masterpieces that are not necessarily in a major landmark or museum. While wandering in Northern Italian towns make sure to enter the churches and palaces and you will realize how culture, art and the sense of beauty is something deeply present in daily life.

No need to remind you that you are visiting the land of the capital of fashion, of Ferrari cars and with a rich musical heritage. If you either fancy a night at La Scala or the Verona Arena or simply wish to visit a violin maker’s workshop, the opportunities for travellers with an artistic soul are endless.

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