Bologna food tour


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  • Take an enthusiastic, informative, fun tour guide, leading you to discover 3 products and explaining about their origin, history, process. Meet the people working there and the owners, making sure everyday that pearls like these will continue to shine as they did for centuries, respecting traditions handed down from generation to generation. Taste all the outstanding products you now know everything about, savoring the mastery, patience and love behind their creation at every bite. Have fun. And we mean a looot of fun for the whole day! What’s missing? The perfect Italian family style multi-course lunch at a typical farmstay as icing on the cake: typical dishes, local wines, the big heart of our chef, atmosphere, good company and much more but… you need to see it for yourself!

    We’ll start this incredible journey from comfortable minivans picking you up at your accommodation in Bologna, and head towards Modena. Why so early? Parmigiano Reggiano doesn’t wait! It’s made only in the early morning and we want you to get in action ASAP! After a “wake-up and start to have fun” coffee, we’ll get inside right away to see the cheesemakers taking care of all the production steps right before your eyes. You can touch the creamy curd, taste the cooked cheese and get absolutely stunned by the warehouse, where thousands of wheels all around you wait at least 12 months to be “baptized” as Parmigiano Reggiano. Time to taste it, what’d you expect? Young or aged, creamy or crunchy, delicate or intense: you can decide which of the 2 different-age samples is your favorite… or just love them both!

    Another gem of Emilia Romagna is waiting to be discovered: Traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena. After our “breakfast of champions” with local salame, mortadella, homemade bread, cake, Lambrusco wine and coffee, we’ll lead you into a magical world of smells, flavors, patience, and family tradition you’ve never experienced before! You’d want to cry in the aging room, surrounded by many peaceful barrels, when the secret of this complex, unique and fascinating product will be unveiled. A little preview: it is all about love, family and tradition. A pure art belonging to this land, that you’ll have the chance to taste. Another preview? Many of our guests are younger than the Balsamic samples we offer! 

    Third and last excellence to meet: meat! Prosciutto di Modena will conquer your palate with its fragrant smell, buttery texture and delicate savoriness. We’ll learn about the strict regulations, the long curing process, and the tremendous care necessary to transform only 2 ingredients into a typical product with unique characteristics. We’ll taste its wholesomeness and genuineness with other local charcuteries and a glass of Lambrusco, before heading to lunch!

    At our selected farmstay this deeply educational experience will turn into a feast for the eyes and the taste buds: 3 tasty homemade pastas, several second courses, a dessert and rivers of wine will be what we offer. The rest comes along: fun fun fun. In a nutshell: an extraordinary food heaven for true #DOP foodies! What’s #DOP? Come and learn it with us!

  • Key information:
    – Price per Person:  150 €
    – Departure: pick up at 7 am at your accommodation / Return: 5 pm
    – Small group tour in English with licensed guide
    – Available from Monday to Saturday
    – Available for vegetarian, vegan, glucose and lactose intolerants on request; let us know about it!

    Our offer includes: 

    – Private minivan with air conditioning for the whole day
    – Local, fun, entertaining tour guide explaining about all the 3 production sites and with you the whole day
    – Parmigiano Reggiano factory Tour & tastings of 2 different-age samples
    – “Breakfast of champions” with local salame, mortadella, homemade cake, Lambrusco wine and coffee
    – Balsamic Vinegar tour & 6 tastings, including min. 12 and min. 25 year-old Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
    – Prosciutto factory tour & tastings of several local charcuteries with Lambrusco wine
    – Multi-course typical Italian family style lunch with several wine to pair everything with!
    – A day to remember forever, awarded with the “Tripadvasor 2019 Travellers’ Choice” as 10 top experiences in Italy!!!