Art Holiday on Lake Como

  • 5 days - 4 nights in Como     



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  • Day 1 – Como

  • Como preserves a rich heritage of art and history. Discover the town main attractions like the zebra-striped Broletto (Town Hall), the Tower and the Gothic-Renaissance Duomo. Art itineraries have to include a visit to the church of San Fedele, parts of which date back to the 6th century, and to the Basilica of S. Abbondio. Visit a pottery workshop to learn about this old craft and to meet a local artisan who will give you an insight of daily life in Como 

  • Day 2 - Discovering the Piona Abbey and the Crottos 

  • Reach Piona to visit the Cistercian Abbey, an artistic and spiritual place with wonderful scenic views of the lake. Continue by train to Chiavenna where you will taste the local food product in a Crotto, a natural cave formed by ancient rocks from landslides where temperature is kept constant at 4 to 8 degrees by the "sorel", an air flowing between rocks and creating a perfect environment to age wine (as there is no temperature variation) as well as cured meats and cheese from alpine pastures and dairies. The Crotto was mentioned by Leonardo da Vinci in its Codes and drafts as good quality and cheap “osterias”.  Today, some Crotto have been restored to be fine restaurants serving local food while most of them are still private and thus close to the public.

  • Day 3 – Day trip to Monza

  • Monza is world famous for the F1 Grand Prix but art enthusiasts will not be disappointed by its artistic attractions like the Royal Residence loved by the Savoy kings, with a beautiful garden and the largest walled park in Europe. In the town centre, the Duomo preserves the Teodolinda Chapel, a masterpiece of the Gothic style with more than 800 characters depicted on 500 square metres divided into 45 scenes. A legend still fascinates the town visitors who get caught up by the story of the Nun of Monza, daughter of a Spanish nobleman, who fell in love with a young neighbour and had two children. Their relationship ended with a death sentence for the lover and a perpetual imprisonment sentence for the nun who was walled in alive for 14 years

  • Day 4 – Como Visit and Half Day Trip to Cantù

  • The complex of San Galliano in the small town of Cantù is one of the best examples of an off-the-beaten-track attraction. It is known mainly to art experts and to the locals; it includes a Basilica and a Baptistery dating back to the XI century. Return to Como and head toward the cafè-lined lakeside Piazza Cavour, visit the adjacent Public Gardens containing a neoclassical rotunda called the Tempio Voltiano or take the cable car to Brunate for some spectacular lake views. Make sure to include in your itinerary a stop at the Cremeria Bolla for the best ice cream in town and at the Beretta Bakery to buy their specialty called “La Nuvola” (The Cloud), a mouth-watering delicacy not to be missed. Celebrate your last night in town with dinner at a “Bottega con ristoro” with superb food and an excellent choice of wines 

  • Day 5 – Departure

  • This is the day of your departure and we say arriverderci looking forward to welcoming you again