Our Responsibility Policy

  • Our tours are designed to introduce you to our culture and traditions, and to make you live an authentic Italian experience by meeting the locals.

  • Our itineraries include visits to artisans’ workshops to enable them to keep their craftsmanship alive. It is a unique opportunity for you to get to know the “made in Italy” heritage through their works and stories.

  • Food and wine producers will open the doors of their laboratories. We tend to work with small companies, usually family run, who excel in what they do because of the passion for their work. In this way we help them to survive in a globalized world and you can get in touch with the local environment.

  • We include menus with typical dishes based on the local products thus providing benefits to the agricultural environment. The Italian cuisine offers a large variety of dishes where each area of Italy expresses its own traditions. We provide a list of local restaurants to help you find the local venues.  

  • We suggest train itineraries wherever possible, when we use private transportation or if you prefer to do so (i.e. for baggage transportation or accessibility issues), we rely on local businesses to minimize the impact on the environment, to promote the local economy and to give you the opportunity to have direct contacts with the local people.

  • With regard to the accommodation, wherever possible we suggest historical mansions which have been transformed into hotels thus keeping them from being abandoned. Alternatively we have a wide range of accommodation run by locals which guarantee a true Italian experience. We try to avoid booking platforms and we reserve directly with the accommodation owner, as long as this benefits both the traveller and the owner.

  • Italy has the largest cultural heritage in the world, we always try to include in our itineraries off-the-beaten-track attractions to make you discover unknown gems and to help preserving them from being ruined by lack of care.

  • Our company is in Italy and all our staff is Italian, our partners and suppliers are locally based. Our staff work from home for a good balance between private and working life, there is always somebody available for you outside office working hours.

  • We are passionate about animals and we require that the animals involved in our activities (horse riding or truffle search with dogs) are treated with love and care.