Get ready to experience Italy like never before:

drive a Ferrari and take a relaxing break in ancient thermal springs,

 enter the landscape depicted in the Mona Lisa and witness the making of a violin,

  •  sit in the Royal Palace for the perfect afternoon break, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, and go truffle hunting with specially trained dogs,

 enjoy a ride on a sailboat or board a fisherman's boat and eat some delicious fresh fish.

Moments that will turn your stay in Italy into memories you will cherish forever. 

  • Daily itineraries filled with unique exciting activities and relaxing breaks, which cater especially to small groups or independent travellers. 

  • Finally, how about eating your way through Italy’s regional cuisine? Well, we understand that would be quite a hard choice for you … that is why we offered to guide you by selecting some of the best and most dedicated producers to help you appreciate Italian traditions by tasting them. At the table and anywhere else.


    Grilled scalops, anise, almond butter and spinach

    Mascarpone cheese and red pepper ravioli, sole and veal             

    Duck breast lacquered with orange, honey and spices

    Caramelized apricot, milk chocolate and amaretto

  • (sample menu)

  • Home made dessert